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The Production Departments of the Group operate in buildings covering more than 40.000 m², involving an extremely skilled staff. Quality is a must have for Cometal Engineering.

For this reason, each step of the production process is carefully checked and tested, either for the production of the parts fully realized internally or the parts manufactured by our outsourced suppliers. Strict Procedures are followed:

Welded structures:

The welded structures, realized using the most modern techniques by highly trained and qualified personnel, are regularly stress relieved and sand blasted. The weldings are systematically checked following a strict procedure implying the use of X-Ray and PT (Penetrant Test).

Forged parts:

The forged parts are supplied by top quality forging companies, tested and certified by the most qualified International Quality Certifiers.


The machining is realized using advanced CNC Machine Tools and each part is accurately checked in its dimensional tolerances and surface finishing grade. Only after the approval of the Quality Control, the part is assembled.


The coating cycle of the parts foresees degreasing, initial undercoating and final coating, made according to the environmental site conditions in which the equipment will be installed.

Assembly & Testing:

Every machines are pre-assembled and dry tested directly in the workshop. This allows our staff double-checking every single detail in order to significantly reduce assembly and start-up (erection) time.


The electrical cabinets are fully assembled internally according to our Customers' electrical standards and requirements.

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