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After Sales Service

Technical Support and Consultancy

The After Sales Service is able to assist the customer on site in the shortest technical times thanks to the skilled staff of engineers specialized in mechanical hydraulic, software and electronics field.


The After Sales Service, operates in close relationship with the Engineering Division, and is structured as an independent unit, easily reachable to offer competent technical suggestions in a very short time or to schedule an intervention.

Spare Parts

The After Sales Service assures a competent and customer tailored technical assistance as well as a fast supply of original spares parts for all the plants and the machines manufactured by Cometal Egineering in its history.


Business efficiency is only one of our goals: we are quickly able to design and supply new parts in a very short time.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts


Preventive maintenance involves the periodic and systematic inspection of equipment, machinery, tools and other assets used in operations that wear with time and use.  Preventive maintenance includes: light repair work performed according to a schedule, detection and identification of issues in advance and the correction of any problems discovered.


Preventive maintenance stops larger failures from occurring, potentially saving a company significant time and money. The service component usually includes any corrective work done on an asset to restore it to its prime operating state.


Remote Assistance 24/7


This service uses a high speed connection and software system to link our customers equipment with our offices live support.


This type of connection allows our staff to be online 24/7 with the customer system and quickly resolve any issue to minimize the downtime.


Cometal Engineering offers a dedicated team and live and remote connection support to quickly identify the issues. 

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