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The automotive industry is constantly seeking solutions to reduce greenhouse gases. A critical element is the goal to reduce the weight of vehicles.  This is a trend that will only increase in the coming years. Cometal Engineering, due to its experience and continuous investment in R&D, has become a significant supplier of complete solutions to the automotive industry.



Aluminium is the building material of the future. Lightweight, adaptable and infinitely recyclable, aluminium has thousands of different applications for use within building and construction projects. Cometal Engineering, due to its experience and technology, became a  leader of complete solutions to the building and construction industry.



In aircraft and aereospace structure precision engineered products are crucial. The aereospace industry has become more demanding in material requirements leading to the development and use of many different alluminium alloys. Cometal Engineering specialized in the field becoming a reference point in the industry for supply of complete production lines.  



Aluminum became essential for the railways industry over the past several decades and it has resulted in numerous applications for the metal, not only in freight cars, but also in light rail and inner city commuter trains, metros, as well as in the express, intercity passenger trains. Cometal Engineering became leader in supplying customized solutions in the field. 



Aluminium is the second most used metal in the world after steel with a very high annual consumption. Many alloys with different mechanical properties have been developed to meet the needs of new industrial application. Cometal Engineering became a leader in supplying complete  customized solutions for this particular application.  

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